Chiron separates the planets visible to the eye from the planets invisible. Chiron is the mediator and conduit between the two worlds. Chiron allows an approach to the interpretation of tradition and law at the level of mental schemes and reason. Chiron is the peace treaty, the making of a contract, the smoothing out of contradictions, and diplomacy. Chiron gives a rare ability to manipulate contradictions, to explore and combine opposite beginnings. Chiron means poise, peacemaking, arbitration, justice.


Mythologically, Chiron is a Centaur. The mythology of ancient Greece bestows Chiron with wisdom, justice, and benevolence toward people. He is the mentor of many heroes: Achilles, Hercules, Jason. He teaches music, healing, gymnastics, hunting and divination.

In Avestan mythology, Shrita, or Thrita, is a mediator and guide between Heaven and Earth. He symbolizes the heavenly key that opens and closes the doors between the worlds, a kind of two-faced Janus, worshipped by the Romans.

Based on lectures and books by P. Globa,
an astrologer of the Avestan school.