Jupiter symbolizes authority, law and doctrine in society. Jupiter is one's connection to public life, the direction of his activities in society. A person's social psychology is determined by Jupiter. Jupiter gives the abilities of a strategist, good organizer, energy, idealism, altruism. Jupiter gives man the ability to interact with the whole world.


In Greek mythology, Jupiter is Zeus, the main god on Mount Olympus. He sent people his gifts and established order and laws on Earth. Zeus held in his hands the destinies of men: happiness and unhappiness, good and evil, life and death. Patron of knights, judges, of the pleasures of life.

In India, Jupiter's name in many schools is Guru, that is, spiritual teacher.

In the Avesta, Jupiter is called Mushtar. The Guide of Mankind. He symbolizes the teacher and mentor, who prevents man in this world from being abandoned and be left without a guide. Mushtar represents the highest incorruptible authority and divine law, gives insight, helps one to make the right choice. He is associated with the Creator of the world, Ahura-Mazda. The manifestation of the Spirit of God in every human being, which protects and strengthens all good creations.