Mars is an active, a strong-willed beginning, concentrated passion, risk, energy. It symbolizes overcoming obstacles, difficulties, artificial and natural barriers. Strong Mars gives the type of person active, determined, possessing knightly traits. Good Mars gives a man of courage, honesty and determination. The path of Mars is the path of practical activity.


Mars is one of the oldest gods of Italy and Rome. March was dedicated to him, the first month of the ancient calendar, in which the year began with the vernal equinox. At various times, Mars was considered the patron of fertility, vegetation, wildlife, war. Later there was an identification of the functions of Mars and the ancient Greek god Ares.

In the Avesta, Mars is associated with the Archangel of victory - Vertragna. It is associated not only with victory, but also with the attainment of power, with gigantic powers. He is depicted as an Archangel with a magical Sword, cutting through the darkness. In the universal battle of Good and Evil Vertragna had a special role to play. of all the celestials, he has the most martial qualities. In Zoroastrian mythology, Vertragna, is the giver of health and courage.