Through Mercury manifests speech, intellect, the ability to think and express one's thoughts. Mercury is the bearer of information, revealing secrets, words. Mercury is about contacts. 4 is the universal number of information. Mercury gives abilities to learn quickly and memorize well, intellectual sensitivity, language ability, curiosity, the ability to switch quickly from one action to another, skillfulness, willingness to reconcile different points of view willingness to compromise, flexibility, judgement, impartiality, great communication skills, the accumulation and transfer of information.


Mercury - Hermes is next to the solar deity Helios, he performs the function of messenger and mediator. Hermes is also the conduit of souls to the realm of the dead. He is equally accessible to both the worlds of life and death, mediating between the one and the other, as well as a mediator between gods and men. In late antiquity the image of Hermes Trismegistus, which meant "thrice the greatest." With this image occult sciences and hermetic knowledge, i.e., secret and closed knowledge, accessible only to the initiated. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the god of trade, capable not only of making a profit in trade, but also of pointing out buried treasure.

In the Avesta, Mercury is Tiri the mediator between the two worlds, the incarnate and the disembodied. He is associated with the materialization of human thoughts. He is connected by invisible threads with the star Sirius, the patron of the sacred knowledge