2 is the first even number. This number is associated with choice and at the planetary level corresponds to the Moon, which symbolizes the human soul, the emotional perception of the world around us. Through the Moon, the human soul awakens or falls asleep. Karmic potential is closely associated with the Moon. The lunar cycle holds information related to the awakening of many lives.

The Moon is connected with the irrational nature of a person, with his unconscious, emotional mood to of the world around us. It governs the human soul, and his emotions. The Moon also governs sleep. If the Sun allows one to live in the real world, to navigate it with the help of one's own mind, but in the Moon's dream state, one cannot do so. Nevertheless, dreams reflect our reality in the same way just as the moon reflects sunlight. Therefore a person who does not sin in the real world is also protected in dreams. Psychologically, the Moon gives mercy, empathy, compassion, emotionality, intuitiveness, attunement to the world around us.


The Moon in Avesta is called Mah - the ruler of Waters. It is associated with the feminine and maternal principle, the one who gives birth and rules the night world and sleep. In one hand Mah holds the Fan with which she dispels demons. In the other is an umbrella - a symbol of protection, in the third is a bow with arrows, in the fourth is a mirror. Mah's four hands are linked to the four phases of the Moon. The sacred bird Mah is considered to be the White Owl, whose cry dispels evil spirits. Mach defines the astral world, which penetrates the human world, and is also connected to all The Waters, filling and animating them with her breath. Mach allows a person to perceive information directly, bypassing rational comprehension, on an unconscious level.

The moon was associated with the Egyptian goddess of night Isis, in ancient Greece the goddess of reflected light Selene and later Artemis, goddess of the hunted.

Based on lectures and books by P. Globa,
an astrologer of the Avestan school.