Neptune symbolizes supersensitivity, creative imagination, super natural possibilities, a sense of higher subtle cosmic vibrations, a deep intuitive understanding of the nature of things, man's capacity for supreme love.

Neptune shows creative imagination, a sense of color, music, light, rhythm, and nature.

Neptune is the ultimate faith and many phenomena, associated with the subconscious mind.

Neptune is the ultimate premonition, dreams, deep intuitive understanding. Neptune is sympathy and altruism, understanding and reconciliation, the possibility of symbol awareness, meditation, creative flight. A spiritual connection with nature.


In the mythology of ancient Greece, Neptune was Poseidon. ruler of the seas. He represents the primary ocean, in which all possibilities are contained, but nothing has yet been manifested.

In the Avestan tradition Neptune corresponds to the Angel of the Water Element, whose name Apam-Napat is translated as "the son of waters". It is the most ancient deity of the Indo-Iranian pantheon, Varuna. He is associated with the inner, natural manifestation of the man.

Apam-Napat has miraculous magical powers and the ability to secretly influence the processes of the world. In his power is the current of the hidden, invisible to the eye. He pours out the Cosmic Waters on Earth, filling the seas and guiding the flow of rivers. Tears are also the Water of Apam-Napat.