10 is a very noble and good number, because it contains 1 and 0 together. Ten goes back to the primary source and it gives the opportunity to receive the forbidden powers, a second breath.

Pluto is the planet of collective energies, that connects the individual person with a great number of people and It gives the individual the opportunity to benefit from shared energies. Pluto is a giant conglomerate of forces, showing the transformation of cosmic energy by man. On the domestic plane, Pluto shows how a person accumulates the energy of the masses, the crowd.


In Greek mythology, Pluto is the Lord of the realm of the dead. Although Pluto is the God of Olympus, he is always in his subterranean domain. Pluto possesses treasures hidden in the earth.

According to Avestan mythology, Pluto symbolizes the guardian of abundance and wealth, Ramman. He is also the ruler of the underworld and subterranean wealth. Ramman also acts wisely in the above-ground, underground and above-ground world.