Under the influence of Proserpine, man becomes fully aware of his nature, down to the control of his physiology, and is transformed from within. He can quickly regenerate and adapt to non-human conditions, change his appearance. Comprehensive logic and imagination allow such a person to build a whole system of evidence based on two or three facts. Proserpine endows a person with the highest self-sacrifice, self-denial, patience, ability to change the personality and spirit. Absolute acceptance of duty, following mind, honor and conscience in everything, asceticism and self-restraint. Such a man cannot be broken. He adapts in all conditions. He is characterized by complete self-control and the ability to revive. He goes into detail into the essence of any event, accumulates facts, and is able to sift out the random and unimportant. Proserpine provides an opportunity to supplement the analysis with a full synthesis and everything is translated into a new qualitative form. All disparate facts in the mind of a person are instantly built into a system, in which, at the same time, each detail has an independent meaning. Proserpine is a super-system. Under the influence of Proserpine, clarity of mind and consciousness are preserved by the person until the end of life. It is characterized by objectivity of views and judgments, full entering into any circumstances, unique memory. Ability to see harmony in individual details, the ability to comprehend patterns in details, mathematical abstract mind, analytical abilities.

About the tenth planet of the solar system began to talk Percival Lowell in the early 20th century, who discovered Pluto and predicted its discovery, and on the basis of complex mathematical calculations suggested the existence of Transpluto, that is, Proserpine.


In Roman mythology, Proserpine symbolized the Goddess of vegetation. With the penetration of the cult of Persephone into Italy, Proserpine was identified with her and the myths associated with Persephone were attributed to her. Persephone is the Goddess of the underworld, of growing crops and earthly fertility. She breaks the last ties between the dead and the living and helps the heroes by bringing them back to earth.

In the Avestan tradition, Proserpine is called Daena. She meets the soul of the deceased on the bridge of Chinwat.

Based on lectures and books by P.Globa,
an astrologer of the Avestan school.