Uranus symbolizes human uniqueness, originality. Uranus is associated with the union of extremes. It is a free choice of an original way out of a crisis, it's reform and freedom. Uranus gives phenomenal qualities of mind, expressed in an unconventional form, abnormal abilities in clarifying information and complex work. Uranus reveals the extent to which the individual manifests a desire for individual freedom, gives creative ideas and impulses. Uranus is about connection, communication, being ahead of time, intelligence, freedom, instant decision making in difficult situations. Uranus gives the ability to live in the rhythms of the future.


In Greek mythology, Uranus is the father of Saturn and the husband of Gaia. Uranus comes from nothing and creates from nothing. The ancient symbol of Uranus is lightning. In ancient times Uranus was called the deity of the sky, thunder and lightning. In the same way, a man who has strong Uranus is free to change in life, free to make all kinds of decisions and actions.

In the Avesta Uranus is called Farn or Hvarnah, associated with an unpredictable beginning, which changes a person's karma in an unexpected way.