Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. Venus is the magnetism in a person, deep feelings and aesthetic taste. Venus represents the material layer of human existence, and is associated with money and prosperity. Venus is the most earthly of the planets. It is the happiness, that man can realize on Earth: love, wealth, beauty, family. Venus promotes prosperity, luxury, charm, understanding and love of the opposite sex. Venus gives reliability, loyalty, a beautiful sense of beauty and form, fine taste, elegance, charm, sensitivity, charity. Venus is the sphere of art.


The Greek myths of Venus, Aphrodite, convey the duality of her nature, embodied by the two deities Phosphoros and Hesperos. Phosphoros is the embodiment of the planet's morning visibility, when Venus is seen before sunrise, symbolizes the tenderness of love, patron of lovers. Hesperos, the evening star, represents quiet love, based on a deep kinship of souls, a love untainted by passion. Venus Aphrodite awakens love in hearts and and because of this she reigns over the world. Aphrodite is the personification of beauty and youth.

In Avestan mythology Venus is called Ardvisura Anahita, which means ruler of love, nature, beauty and harmony, as well as desire. She embodies femininity, love and beauty, as the ruler of fertility and heavenly waters, feeding all springs, gives rise to rivers, >makes the earth blooming and fertile. >She is the gift of women motherhood and is the protector of children. Ardvisura is associated with art, music and artistry.