22 is the number of Vulcan. Vulcan is an unknown planet beyond the orbit of Mercury, giving the concept that the law given for the entire cosmos, i.e. the law given for us, is a reflection of the law for all cosmic civilizations, that humanity is only a part of the one cosmic brotherhood. Part of other cosmic civilizations, not reducible to green men. This is the concept of finding common ground, of connecting with other beings created by God and deformed by the Evil Spirit in this universe. The number 22, which is reducible to the number 4 in sum, has an analogy with Vulcan - the highest cosmic law.


Vulcan in Roman mythology was the God of Purifying Fire. He was responsible for heavenly fire . With the development of crafts involving the use of fire, Vulcan became the patron of smiths and foundry workers and in this respect became similar to Hephaestus, a character from ancient Greek mythology, with whom he was identified. In the third century the religious beliefs of the Romans changed, and Vulcan was attributed magical functions. This reflects the emergence of the belief about the ability of the gods not only to perform supernatural acts, but also to change time.

Based on lectures and books by P. Globa,
an astrologer of the Avestan school.